Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tanha Pola : Aali Re Marbat.

Tanha Pola

Pola a Festival to celebrate Agriculture is celebrated with full joy and happiness here in our Agrarian country India specially in Maharashtra. It is celebrated on last day of Auspicious Month of Shravan.  On this day all the farmers thank their friend (Ox) by decorating them like a Queen or King and then go Home to Home to take blessings.

On the very next day another festival named Tanha Pola (Chota Pola) is celebrated mainly by the kids where they carry small cattle in toy form. All the kid in a locality gather at one place and engage the racing competition for their toys. After that kids go with their toys to round whole locality asking for Bakshish. Its a cheerful time for kids and their parents.

But there is one more unique thing that happens on the same day only in Nagpur. It is MARBAT. The main reason behind celebrating Marbat at Nagpur is to protect the City from the attack of Vicious Spirits. On this day people create the statues of all the evils events in a form of "Badgya" (see Pic) and take the procession out around the Nagpur. Then these statues are burnt in presence of people  of the area. This ritual commemorates the burning of Evil spirits.

Major attractions in Marbat procession are Pili Marbat and Kali Marbat. Statues of these two marbats are carried all round the city over the shoulders of the organizers. All the people try to take blessing from these Marbat by touching their feet. It is believed that if a Small new born kid get her blessing then they wont be affected by any disease in the life time. Also believed that if you cross under the Marbat the all the ailments will be vanished.  This years the major issues like Black Money, Ebola, Monsanto are burnt in form of Badgya.

Thousands of people come from nearby villages to see this procession. Youngster celebrate it by dancing all the way from Start point to end point on the Music. Its actually a treat to watch these rituals and festivals being celebrated.

 May all the evil from this world get vanished this pola.

Gheyun Jaaa Reee Maarbaat... (Marbat take all evil along with you).

Thought: Will just taking out these kind of procession help us to Win over Evil. Or  Evil is sitting inside us whom we need to burn by doing good work and helping others.  Just Think Over It. For others Gheun jaa re marbat,

Enjoy the Pics Below

Black Money Badgya

Monsanto Badgya

Aya re Badgya

Nagpur Crowd for Marbat

Rally view from Itwari Nagpur.

Tanga Stand Nagpur.

Pili Marbat : Best of all

Aali re Pivli Marbat

Enjoying crowd

Aali re Kaali Marbat

Kaali Marbat

Ira Creations
Kaali Marbat

Ira Creations