Thursday, 30 January 2014

Kundan Rangoli

                   Readymade Flower design Kundan Rangoli

Here is one of my Product

Style: RPK006

This colorful Handmade Rangoli is a trend that has been catching up this season. Its time to own just a perfect design for yourself! iA brand new item, very easy to store and handel. No glue, no sticker. No need to fix it in the ground. Just place it on the floor and a gorgeous rangoli is ready to decorate your auspicious pooja room and will also look  absolutely stunning in festivals like Diwali, navratri , Ganesh utsav , Wedding and also for gifting someone .Can make various pattern from the same designs. Also other Extensive designs  are available.


*Material: Base: Transparent Sheets cutting Work: Beads and stones
*Color: Pink and Green
*Weight: 35.00gm
*Size:- 13" * 13"
*Product Includes: 6 petals and 1 center piece.

Ira Creations

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Take Care of Mother Nature

A fresh Wednesday morning at 6:30 A.M, temperature was around 15 Deg. Health conscious  people were walking in the park. some were doing yoga and some were jogging and few of them were meditating.

I was walking along and thinking about mother nature.
How is it possible that same soil help to grow a Red colored flower at once place and just adjacent to it help the a Yellow Flower, and Suddenly I realized how much small we are in front of mother nature.

Also Understood why we call it Mother nature and not Father, or brother or sister, because it always gives what ever you ask her from.

Nature only believes in giving and never taking anything except a care.

Do we care for our  own Mother? 

Then why don't we care about our Mother Nature. 

Please take care of her, if not for you for your Kids. Because after you she will be the one taking care of them.

Our Product
Kundan Rangoli on Metal Base

Ira Creations

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Freshness: A Lame walk at 6 PM

A Color named Freshness

To add color to your life have you ever tried a lame and calm walk in the winter evening. Even if there is hundreds of noise and cacophonous sounds around you, still you can feel fresh and rejuvenated. How?

Count Your Steps while you walk.

Yes its as simple as that. Count your steps while you walk and there you are feeling more focused, calm and quiet and importantly fresh. 

Personally I have experienced this. Try to take a lame walk at a nearby Garden / Park or alteast a footparth nearby. Don't care about the pollution around. Just tie your shoelace tight and start walking counting your steps, enjoy seeing the blue sky turning gray to dark and all little bird going back to there nest motivating each other after a days hard work.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said  "All the great thoughts are conceived by walking". 

Do it. Try it yourself and feel the change.

Be Safe. Be Happy. Be Fresh.

PS: Switch your mobile phones off , while doing this.

We are Here

Monday, 27 January 2014

Happy Republic Day

Ira Creations wishes you 
Very Happy and Inspiring Republic Day.

We know we are late to wish, but its never late to spread happiness. Right.

Writing On the eve of 65th Republic Day,  how many of us really understands the meaning of being Republic. Allow us to explain what happened on Jan 26th 1950, and why we celebrate this day with whole heart and proudly say we are a Democratic Country.

India became Independent, at Midnight 15th Aug 1947. But then India did not had a permanent constitution. The drafting committee was appointed to draft a permanent constitution, with Dr. B.R Ambedkar as Chairman. For nearly 2 years the assembly sessions were held in public. The national assembly signed the final version on 24th Jan 1950. And Indian Constitution came into effect on 26th Jan 1950. This day was chosen as it was the anniversary of Purna Swaraj Divas which was held on 26th Jan 1930.

It gave Indian Citizens to govern themselves and elect their own government. Since then this day is celebrated across India as Republic Day.

Fact: On 26th Jan 1995, Nelson Mandela was present as Chief Guest for Delhi Republic Day Parade.

Jai Hind.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Subh Aarambh


Arthur Ashe once said "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
 Inspired by the thought we Ira Creations are writing our first blog and doing Shubh Aarambh in the Blog World.
Ira is a name of "Godess Sarasvati" and Creations  stands for creation with her blessing. 
"Ira Creations" makes creative items, which adds colours to your life.
  We try to make a House into a Home, a function into a memorable function, Festival into a Happy Festival with our art work.

Ideas conversion into Art: 

Swastik Kundan Rangoli 
Ira Creations
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