Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Trip to Sole Hill Station in Vidarbha - Part 1

It wasn't a usual lazy Saturday morning but a weekend which soulfully started at 05:30 AM with cold breeze carrying the blanket of cloud over our head making way for Sun God to throw  its pristine sunlight over Mother Earth. With Dusk just round the corner 4 of us (Me, My wife, my cousin and his wife) started our journey to sole hill station in Vidarbha region i.e Chikhaldara from Center point of India 'Nagpur'. Impression of Dzire headlights started to fade with passing time and rising sun, we left city with the speed of 110 KPMH via NH6  listening to Atif Aslam's mesmerizing songs.

It was a great feeling of relaxation after a tough 5 days of work. We all wanted to just be in the moment and enjoy each and every second of the trip thinking if we could stop the time. But, how can you stop it. Only thing I was able to stop was thinking about future and past. Within no time we bypassed Amravati  feeling hungry to to have something Chatpata*.

Steadily we took a diversion towards Chikhaldara driving through the single lane State Highway via Paratvada. Just after having an unsatisfactory breakfast at Paratvada, we saw something which brought our mood back on track, we saw ourselves closing to Satpura Range wearing a thick grey blanket of clouds.. Crossing the Ghats of the Mountain was one of its experience with clouds ready to shower we could see and small river making its way between the two mountains it was a picturesque to be painted, if I ever could.

Reaching Chikhaldara, we headed straight to see Bheem Kund which broke my childhood myth about the story behind the place. This was the place where Keechaka was killed by Bheema and thrown into the Valley. Being Acrophobic I was feeling butterflies in my stomach looking into the valley which made me wonder how would people like Bheema used to travel in such dangerous deep valley 5000 years ago.

Devi Point is a temple which is inside a cave where chilling water is continuously dropping and no one knows the source of it. just next to the cave there is a Waterfall which is a must to get drenched. When we got inside the waterfall which is covered with huge tree all around, it started falling cats and dogs and wind was blowing at 200 KMPH with threatening thunders making cacophonous all around. Another 5 mins whole area got vacated and we were the only ones present in the whole premises. Water started turning Brown from White in color and started hitting our heads like rocks. It was like taking Ice Bucket Challenge every second. It was frightening but adventurous, Imagine, you are under a waterfall with heavy rains around and there is a deep valley just next you with thunders having its own gala time and Fog which is not ready to let you see beyond 5 meters and only source of inspiration was the temple next to me.

Being totally drenched we left the temple, it was late in the afternoon and we were on our way to nearby restaurant on a empty road with rains still pouring I was sharing my experience of heavy rains with my family and suddenly I heard a sound of someone crying out loud in pain. We tried to look around and there was no one there and voice was coming from inside the jungle around. My cousin being aware of the area as he alerted me saying its either its goons or some bad spirit. I quickly called my driver and asking him to get the Car who was at restaurant and for next five mins we just kept walking ignoring the pleading voice and sooner the headlights of Car fell on my eyes I felt like true God has come to save us.

After lunch we resumed our journey to Melghat Tiger Reserve, Semadoh which was 25 KMs from Chikhaldara. Being a tiger reserve we wanted reach hotel before it got dark and intermittent rains were playing a good catalyst for fear in my heart.

At Semadoh, we stayed at government guesthouse which is next to Sipna River, (Sipna means Sagwan the type of wood in local Language). We reached there at around 5:30 PM and Sun God were about to sign off from its duties. There was neither Electricity nor mobile network. We checked in and went to our rooms built inside the jungle on the banks of  brown colored Sipna river.

It was the freshest air I have ever breathed in Mahrashtra. Place was so silent that you can even hear your own heart beats. We quickly changed and as rain had stopped we went next to the river and spent quality time with our partners there enjoying Mother Nature and Thanking God for making it so beautiful and allowing us enjoy it.

I can still hear that river flowing in my ears. If you don't have a torch you can't even see a person standing next to you. It was pitch dark but equally calm over there in Semadoh. Electricity came and stayed with us for whole night.

 You can ask the cook of the guesthouse and he can cook the food for you of your own choice. Expect only simple village food over there. We played cards till midnight. Also tried taking a walk in between into the jungle hoping to see some animals. It is said there are 75 tigers in this tiger reserve but we were unlucky to see even a peacock.

With the mixed feeling of fear of wild animals and excitement of the same we went to bed at 1:00 AM in the Night after the whole long tiring but priceless day.

Next event full day will be discussed with you in the following blog..

*Opportunity: To all the aspiring entrepreneur reading this blog, there is no good restaturant for having breakfast at NH6 between Nagpur to Amravati for having breakfast. See if you can cash is opportunity waiting to be bagged.


  1. What a place this is. All the points you mentioned truely speaks about its ambience. A true virgin place to be.. thank god, that the govt is not exploring this place, otherwise this place will be spoilt. Hv been to this place so many times, still find the place raw, which is its beauty.. Thanks himanshu for sharing this blog...

    1. Thanks for the comment Darshan. Its actually a good palce to visit. Maharastra Tourism should actually promote it.

  2. Very Nice...Feel like visiting the place