Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Kundan Rangolis For This Festive Season

Decorative Kundan Rangolis For This Festive Season

The sky is turning a different hue and the moist fragrant air is a pleasant reminder that it would soon be time to bid goodbye to the scorching summers and for the festivities to make their presence felt.
Talking of festivities… no festive season can be complete without the age-old traditions that go hand-in-hand with every Indian festival. The most common tradition being the art of etching out big rangolis made of flowers, leaves, coloured sands or rice, to adorn the courtyard of your house, living room or the puja room. However, with the changing lifestyles and increasing number of working women, it’s not always possible to etch out or for that matter, even maintain such big works of art, especially if you belong to a metropolitan city.

Transparent Kundan Rangolis come up as nothing less than a blessing in disguise for accommodating traditions in today’s busy lifestyle. These beautiful pieces of art can be rearranged the way you want and can easily be dismantled for easy storage and maintenance. These decorative kundan rangolis are a perfect replacement to the traditional rangolis but require less maintenance and can be reused anytime anywhere you want!!

Just in case you are one of those who love to browse options before zeroing down on your choice, then IraCreations brings for you an unmatched range of Kundan Rangolis at the best prices. All you need to do is to make a selection and place your online order. Yes it’s that easy!! So, get your fingers working and gear up for the festivities… They are just round the corner.

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